Solar Feed-in Tariff Information

In Victoria solar customers are entitled to receive a feed-in tariff, providing customers with a financial return for excess power they generate that is fed back into the grid.

There are a number of steps involved to becoming a solar customer including the installation of solar panels and upgrading your electricity meter so we recommend you take a look at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website to understand these steps as well as eligibility criteria.

All of our Victorian offers are available to customers with solar.

Solar Feed-In Tariff Rates

You can see our current Feed-In Tariff rates below: 

Solar Feed-In Tariff Rates

Alinta Energy Retailer Payment

From 1 July 2019, Alinta Energy’s Solar Retailer Feed-in tariff will increase to 12 cents per kWh.

This change does not affect customers on the Premium, Transitional or Standard Feed-In Tariff schemes.

Alinta Energy Retailer Payment Terms and Conditions

Alinta Energy Retailer Payment Application Form (Existing Customer)
Alinta Energy Retailer Payment Application Form (New Customer)

To find out more about our current offers for Victoria and Alinta Energy’s Retailer Payment, call us on 133 702.

Previous Feed-in Tariffs

Previously, a number of other State Government feed-in tariff schemes were offered which are listed below. Those premises with either of the two schemes below in place are able to switch electricity retailers (once eligibility has been established) and will continue to receive the feed-in tariff entitlements under either scheme until the relevant scheme end date providing they remain eligible.

Premium Feed-in Tariff

PFIT Terms and Conditions
PFIT Application Form

Standard Feed-in Tariff

Standard Feed-In Terms and Conditions
Standard Feed-In Tariff Application Form

For more information on feed-in tariffs in Victoria and understanding your eligibility visit the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

Terms and conditions apply.
Tariffs are subject to eligibility for the relevant Victorian Government Feed-in Tariff Scheme. The Victorian Government’s feed-in tariff may be subject to change without notice.