1 July 2019 Energy Changes

What’s happening from July 1?

Thanks to some big changes that come into effect from 1 July, it’s now much easier to understand if you’re on the best energy plan and how your plan compares to offers from other retailers.


From July 1 every Victorian household and small business (with the exception of embedded network customers) will be able to ask for a default offer from their electricity retailer.

These new reforms mean that Victorian customers have the right to get a simple and trusted electricity price - the Victorian Default Offer. It's an independent, ‘fair’, priced electricity offer that you can switch to, or use to check if you're getting value for money on your electricity.

What are the key changes?

Here's how the Victorian Default Offer changes affect you

  • If you’re on a ‘standing offer’ that isn’t flat, like a flexible or time of use tariff, or if you're on a 'market offer' (a contract with an electricity retailer that lasts a set amount of time), then you can ask your retailer to put you on the default offer or use the default offer to see if you’re getting a good deal. 
  • If you're on an electricity retailer's flat 'standing offer', you'll automatically be put on the Victorian Default Offer. A standing offer means you haven’t negotiated a discount or changed retailers recently. 
From July 1, Alinta Energy will be offering a new market offer plan called Real Deal which will be available in Victoria to existing Alinta Energy customers and anyone who would like to make the switch. The Real Deal is a rate only product + you can receive up to $200 (inc GST) in credits when you sign up both electricity and gas. Eligibility criteria applies. Click here for more information.  

For more detailed information on the changes visit the Victorian State Government information page

The information on this page applies to Victoria only