1 July 2019 Energy Changes

What’s happening from July 1?

Thanks to some big changes that come into effect from 1 July, it’s now much easier to understand if you’re on the best energy plan and how your plan compares to offers from other retailers.


Following the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) review of retail electricity pricing in 2018, the Australian Government has acted to try to make the electricity market more transparent. To this effect the Government have introduced a price cap that electricity retailers like ourselves can charge and have also introduced new rules on how electricity plans are marketed to consumers.

What are the key changes?

  • Energy retailers will now be required to advertise electricity plans against a new benchmark called the “reference price”
  • The reference price is a benchmark electricity price set by the Australian Energy Regulator that applies to each region, reflecting average household consumption.
  • Previously retailers calculated discounts off different base rates, however from 1 July the Governments reference price must be used when advertising the value of a plan. For example, if a retailer offers a plan with a 11% discount, this refers to a discount of 11% off the reference price.

How to find your reference price

From 1 July, we’ve made it easy to find the reference price for your postcode.  Simply enter your postcode on our sign up page and we’ll let you know how our electricity prices compare to the reference price with our new No Fuss energy plan – switch today!

The information on this page applies to NSW, SA and South East Queensland only