Feedback, complaints and dispute resolution


How to provide feedback or lodge a complaint

We want to make sure you enjoy being a customer of Alinta Energy and welcome your feedback, be it positive or negative. So if you’re not happy with the service you’re receiving from us, please let our team know as soon as you can so we can start resolving it for you.
  • You can do this in a number of ways: call the team on 13 37 02 (Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm or Saturday from 9am to 6pm)
  • log your feedback
  • post your comments to: Alinta Energy – Feedback GPO Box 1302 Melbourne VIC 3001

When to expect a response

Our commitment is to respond to you within five business days. Our aim is to resolve your query or complaint in this timeframe and to resolve your complaint in a fair and reasonable manner. However where we need more time to find the answer or solution, we will be sure to contact you within five business days to give you an update, and advise you of the time within which we expect to find the answer or solution. We will also confirm how frequently you’d like to be updated moving forward. We will acknowledge your enquiry, complaint or dispute as soon as practicable but within 24 hours of receipt.

We will respond to your query or complaint by phone unless you have told us you would prefer we respond some other way, such as in writing.

When we respond to your query or complaint, we will ask you to let us know whether you are satisfied with our response within 10 business days. If we don’t hear back from you within this time, we will assume the matter has been resolved satisfactorily.


Need to escalate a matter further?

Alternatively, you can tell us at that or any later time that you want to escalate the matter in which case we will refer your query or complaint to senior managers within our team. At this point we will also remind you of your right to refer the matter to your State Energy Ombudsman. The Energy Ombudsman is an independent, free service available to domestic and business customers and can investigate and resolve disputes between customers and electricity and gas companies. Please find details below on how to contact your local Energy Ombudsman.

Energy Industry Ombudsman of South Australia
GPO Box 2947 Adelaide, South Australia 5001
Freecall (from Australia) 1800 665 565
Freefax 1800 665 165Overseas call +61 8 8216 1888
Overseas fax +61 8 8216 1844
Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria
Reply Paid 469
Melbourne, Victoria 8060
Freecall (from Australia) 1800 500 509
Freefax (from Australia) 1800 500 549
Energy and Water Ombudsman of New South Wales
Reply Paid 86550
Sydney South, New South Wales 1234
Freecall (from Australia) 1800 246 545
Freefax (from Australia) 1800 812 291
Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland
PO Box 3640 South Brisbane BC, Queensland 4101
Freecall (from Australia) 1800 662 837
Fax 07 3087 9477

Download our Standard Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedures