Terms and Conditions – Feedback Gift Card Offer 

  • By completing and submitting the Voice of the Customer feedback survey conducted by Metrix Consulting (Feedback Form), Eligible Recipients (as defined below) will be entitled to receive one (1) Giftpay Gift Card to the value of $20.
  • You will be eligible to receive a Gift Card if you: 
    • are a previous Alinta Energy residential or SME electricity and/or gas account holder who has left Alinta Energy for another energy retailer; and
    • complete and submit the Feedback Form in full along with the requested personal details (including an email address), and read and accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking the check box, 
      (Eligible Recipients).
  • Within 10 Business Days of completing and submitting the Feedback Form, you will receive an email from Giftpay which will contain a link to activate your Giftpay Gift Card valued at $20 (Gift Card Email). 
  • Eligible Recipients must select and activate the Gift Card from their chosen Giftpay retailer within 5 years of the date of receipt of the Gift Card Email by the customer. Once the Gift Card is selected and activated, the Eligible Recipient will receive an email containing the Gift Card number and pin for redemption.
  • The Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash and is subject to its own separate terms and conditions as stated on the Gift Card. 
  • Eligible Recipients can only receive one (1) Gift Card per previously held electricity and/or gas account. If an Eligible Recipient has previously received a Gift Card for completing a Feedback Form, they will not be eligible to receive an additional Gift Card.
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with (and Eligible Recipients will not be eligible for) any offer, promotion or competition that may be offered by Alinta Energy for completing the feedback form. 
  • Offer is available for a limited time only and may be cancelled by Alinta Energy at any time.