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Will volcanoes be the next big thing in renewable energy?

Geothermal energy is nothing new, but new science suggest we may be able to tap the energy from molten rock itself even deeper in the crust. Most geothermal energy is produced by drilling into hot rocks, circulating water and harnessing the steam, but this new technology aims to capture ‘dry steam’ at 400ºC which could produce enough energy to power 30,000 homes. Typical geothermal installations produce around 5 times less energy.

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Is winter the enemy of solar power?

Short answer: no. Solar panels are installed in all climates around the world. It is common to think that solar panels are best suited to hot sunny climates (like Australia), but solar panels can actually perform better in cooler temperatures.

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Energy Futures: Your own personal wind turbine?

Just like solar power is popping up on roofs all across Australia, there is also the option to have a mini-wind turbine too. Australia is known as a sunny country, that’s why solar is so prevalent. But in windy countries or regions, it might be feasible to satisfy your energy needs from wind power.

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Your jacket is ringing - get ready for wearable tech

Google has developed a material that contains ‘conductive yarn’ that they are calling Jacquard. This material can be made into clothes or furniture so that touch or gestures can communicate with sensors and chips that will wirelessly transmit these signals to phones or devices.

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Top 5 energy-saving mistakes everyone makes

We are always looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption, but as we add more and more devices and gadgets to our homes it is hard to keep up! There are many ways to be more energy efficient that we all typically know by now: taking shorter showers, washing clothes in cold water and switching to energy-efficient lighting are the obvious ones.

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