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Energy Futures: Your own personal wind turbine?

Just like solar power is popping up on roofs all across Australia, there is also the option to have a mini-wind turbine too. Australia is known as a sunny country, that’s why solar is so prevalent. But in windy countries or regions, it might be feasible to satisfy your energy needs from wind power.

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8 hard-to-believe facts about energy

Electricity is a mysterious force - you can’t actually see an electron, you can only measure its effects. The invention of electronics has been one the most important developments in human history. Although it is all around us and we use it almost constantly, it is easy to forget just have magical and strange it really is that we are so wired up.

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7 quick facts about Australia’s energy supplies

Australia is the world’s ninth largest energy producer, accounting for around 2.5% of world energy production and 5% of world energy exports. Our vast size means we have access to many different energy producing resources; in fact, we export two thirds of the energy we produce.

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5 of the wackiest forms of alternative energy

Even though many countries, including Australia, are increasing their electricity generation from renewable sources, there are still a few more ideas on the horizon that we may make use of in the future.

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How to save on your summer energy bills

Besides all the usual energy saving tips like turning off appliances when not in use and switching to energy efficient bulbs, here is a selection of summer specific tips you can employ to keep your energy costs down.

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