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Read the latest information on electricity and natural gas including tips, hints, exclusive offers and recipes.

Top Tips For Moving House With A Dog

Moving might be stressful for you, but spare a thought for your dog. Our canine companions know what they like and they like what they know. Anything that’s new and different can really unsettle them, causing anxiety and stress – for both you and your pup!

Posted to on 16 November 2015 | with 0 comments
How Astronauts Get Electricity In Space

Ever wondered how astronauts get electricity in space? We reveal amazing facts about the International Space Station.
Posted to on 09 October 2015 | with 0 comments
The Hottest Crazy Gadgets To Keep You Warm This Winter
Feeling the chill? Check out these hot gadgets to keep you warm this winter.

Winter is well and truly upon us. And even though the days are getting longer again (phew!), there are still two long frosty months to survive.
Posted to on 22 July 2015 | with 0 comments
Sleep Soundly: Electric Garbage Trucks Are Coming

One of the biggest, nastiest, and loudest vehicles on the road is being transformed. Meet the electric garbage trucks.

Posted to on 10 June 2015 | with 0 comments
How To Pick The Right Size TV For Your Home

When it comes to televisions, bigger is better. But do bigger TVs consume more electricity? Today’s television screens are larger than ever before. We’re watching Game of Thrones on a flat screen in the living room that rivals the local cinema. But how much electricity does it take to power these jumbo TVs?

Posted to on 03 June 2015 | with 0 comments
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