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How To Make Sure Your New Home Is Gas Safe

Moving home is an exciting time, but also a very busy one, and there will be a million and one things on your checklist. Ensuring that your new home is gas safe shouldn’t get missed off that list as it is incredibly important. Our guide will help you to make sure the home you are moving into is gas safe - and provide advice on how to keep it that way.

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Severe Weather Electrical Safety Tips

Knowing what to do with electrical appliances and equipment in the event of severe weather - whether that be a firestorm, cyclone, flood or heavy storm - is essential to ensure you are prepared for any emergency.

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Gas BBQ Safety Tips

We all love a good BBQ, especially during the warm days of summer. There’s nothing quite like cooking outside on a grill, cool drink in hand, family and friends around you. However, if not treated with respect, gas BBQs can be dangerous. With a little common sense and the following of a few simple rules, you can have a fun and safe BBQ any time you wish.

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