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How To Host A Cold Weather BBQ Party

The temperatures may be continuing to dip but you can still get your friends and family over for a BBQ party. Sound nutty? Imagine holding a warm roll packed with pulled pork on a cold day or biting into a sausage and feeling the heat drift down into your stomach.

Posted to on 15 May 2015 | with 0 comments
Top Tips To Cooking The Christmas Day Turkey On The BBQ

Planning on a traditional turkey this Christmas but can’t bear the thought of slaving away in a hot kitchen? The ideal solution is to grill it on your BBQ. It’s quick (yes, really!), easy and results in the perfect combination of succulent, tender, juicy meat and crisp and golden skin. Delicious!

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Gas BBQ Safety Tips

We all love a good BBQ, especially during the warm days of summer. There’s nothing quite like cooking outside on a grill, cool drink in hand, family and friends around you. However, if not treated with respect, gas BBQs can be dangerous. With a little common sense and the following of a few simple rules, you can have a fun and safe BBQ any time you wish.

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