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The Perfect Easter Sunday Roast Lamb

We Aussies love a roast leg of lamb, so much so that it is frequently named Australia’s National Dish. What would therefore be better to serve on your Easter table to family and friends than a beautiful rosemary- and thyme-studded leg of lamb that has been roasted in the oven with thinly sliced boulangère potatoes?

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How To Bake The Best Hot Cross Buns

Whether it’s the British tradition of hot cross buns that we have wholeheartedly adopted, the dove-shaped colomba pasquale from Italy, or the Eastern European kulich dripping with icing (and these are just a few examples), special sweet breads are baked all over the world to celebrate Easter. After the frugalities of Lent, baking with white flour, eggs, butter, sugar and dried fruits was a real treat and these sweet baked goods are still a treat for the taste buds.

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The Ultimate Chocolate Desserts for Easter

No Easter meal would be complete without a celebration of chocolatey goodness to end on. Our two recipes are bound to delight chocoholics, encompassing both dark and white chocolate so you’ll be happy whatever camp you fall into.

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