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The Incredible Journey Electricity Makes

We all take it for granted that when we flick a switch lights magically illuminate or when we press a button our TV comes to life. Electricity is there when we need it, whatever time of day or night, but it goes on quite a journey to reach us. From a power station where it begins its life, to its end destination of our homes and businesses, electricity can travel vast distances, passing along overhead lines and underground cables and through several substations to increase or decrease the voltage to whatever is required.

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A Brief Introduction To Gas-fired Electricity

Natural gas is an incredibly versatile fuel - as well as being used as an efficient energy source in its own right, for heating, cooking and hot water, it is also a means for electricity production. Gas power stations convert the heat energy from the combustion of natural gas into electricity, which can be used in homes and businesses. With greater operational flexibility and being cleaner burning than coal power plants, more and more gas-fired power stations are being built across the globe and, today, natural gas produces around 15% of Australia’s electricity.

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