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Top Tips For Moving House With A Dog

Moving might be stressful for you, but spare a thought for your dog. Our canine companions know what they like and they like what they know. Anything that’s new and different can really unsettle them, causing anxiety and stress – for both you and your pup!

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Moving House, Moving Energy Suppliers?

Moving house is an incredibly exciting time but it is also an extremely busy and sometimes stressful period of your life. There are a million and one things to organise but sorting your gas and electricity should be something high up on that list to ensure you aren’t paying for energy you aren’t using after you leave your old home and have power when you move into your new one. The question is, do you simply move your supplier with you or do you take this opportunity to re-evaluate and switch suppliers if necessary? Either way, it shouldn’t be difficult, especially with our hints and tips for a hassle-free energy move.

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