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Decade of Technology: 1970s

Decade of Technology: 1970s

The 70s was a time of great change in the world with many civil rights movements and an explosion of technology and freedoms. Some of the most recognisable music we all know came from this decade, as well as some fashion trends we will never forget!

Travel was becoming more common and the world was opening up as communications and information was being spread more easily. Here are some major technology breakthroughs that all came out in the 70s:

1970 – Home VCR

For the first time people at home could watch blockbuster movies, a major shift in how we consumed entertainment.

1971 – Email

Originally created on APRANET (the pre-internet), the idea quickly spread throughout the world.

1972 – Pong

A simple emulation of ping pong by Atari quickly became one of the most played video games in the world.

1973 – Barcode

The barcode made processing sales and stock management of products easier and less manual.

1976 – Ink jet printer

A colour printer that adds little drops of ink to a page, now used in many homes and offices. Will this be the same for 3D printers soon?

1977 – MRI scanner

This powerful magnetic scanner allowed doctors to see inside a patient in much more detail than an x-ray.

1979 – Mobile phone and Walkman

The first portable phone used radio to send and receive calls, and the first Walkman was made by Sony for “young people who want to listen to music all day”.

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