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Decade of Technology: 1950s

Decade of Technology: 1950s

If you were around in the 1950s you will probably remember it as a boom time for electrical gadgets. With Word War II over, industry was free to create products for consumers to help improve their lives. Whether it’s rocking out to Elvis, watching this new thing called TV, filling your kitchen with appliances or brimming with excitement over the moon landing, there was a lot happening in this decade.

Here are some of the technology advances that came out during this time:

1950 – TV remote control

With television gaining wider use, a plug in remote control is released called the “Lazy Bones”.

1951 – Video tape recorder

The first time magnetic tape was used instead of film, making video accessible much more widely.

1952 – Passenger jets

For the first time people could take long haul flights, opening up the world for travel and tourism.

1954 – Commercial solar cell

They were 6% efficient compared to today’s typical solar panel that is 20% efficient.

1956 – First computer hard disk used

Storing 5MB of data at $10,000 a megabyte, the system was as big as two refrigerators.

1958 – Computer modem

Invented to connect sites for the US air defence system via telephone lines.

1959 – Microchip

One of the most important inventions in human history, almost everything we use today contains a microchip.

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