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Malaysian Lok Lok hot pot at home

Malaysian Lok Lok hot pot at home

Looking for an easy way to add some theatrics to your next family meal or dinner party? The night-time hawker markets in Malaysia are a bustling fast-paced eating zone that transforms the streets into an outdoor dining scene.

You can get laksa, satay, noodles, fresh juice and the famous Lok Lok stand, which, as pictured, offers your choice of various meats and vegetables on skewers that you boil yourself right there in the already-bubbling pots. It’s a simple way to entertain your diners and provide healthy food at the same time. To recreate this at home, have your diners select their food from the kitchen table, then take it in turns to boil on the stove. They can then return to the table where there are additional condiments, rice and salads to complete the meal.

Ingredients that are suited to a quick boil:                   


1. Prawns (2-3 mins)

2. White Fish (2-3 mins)

3. Squid (2-3 mins)

4. Beef and/or Pork (cut into thin strips)


1. Cabbage

2. Tofu

3. Mushrooms

Other options:

1. Whole eggs in their shell

2. Baby corn


1. Satay sauce

2. Soy sauce

3. Sweet chilli sauce


1. Plain green salad

2. Shredded cabbage and carrot

3. Fruit


1. To start with, make a nice broth by combining equal parts water and chicken stock. Add half a kilo of pork bones if you can get them cheaply from your butcher and boil on low for 30 minutes to an hour.

2. Meanwhile, start skewering your meats and vegetables on bamboo skewers. Limit each skewer to 3 small portions and make sure each stick only has one ingredient.

3. Make your simple salads and place them on the table with the condiments. It is a good idea to offer diners a small bowl of rice to accompany their Lok Lok.

4. Arrange your skewers near the boiling broth and allow diners to pick and choose what they want and ask them to boil each item for a few minutes.

This a great way to involve everyone on the cooking process while giving you a break. It’s a new format for dinner that you won’t soon forget. When you have done this once, you will be able to change and adapt to suit new combinations of ingredients, condiments and salads. The options are almost endless!

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