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4 ways to reinvent your Hot Cross Buns

4 ways to reinvent your Hot Cross Buns
You can now buy Hot Cross Buns almost right after Christmas, so by the time Easter rolls around it’s understandable if they’re the last things you want to eat. But don’t let your Hot Cross Buns go to waste, find 4 new ways to enjoy them below!
  1. Bread and Butter pudding – soak slices in a mixture of milk, sugar, cream and egg before baking in the oven, flavouring with cinnamon and sultanas
  2. French Toast – coat slices with whisked egg and milk. Melt butter in a frying pan, cook on both sides until golden, and sprinkle with sugar to serve
  3. Toasted Fruit crackers – cut the bun into very thin slices, lightly brush with olive oil and salt. Place in the oven and serve with your next cheese platter
  4. Hot cross Breadcrumbs – bake slices in the oven until crisp. Use a rolling pin to smash into breadcrumbs, and use as a topping for your favourite dessert crumble


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