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How To Make Sure Your New Home Is Gas Safe

How To Make Sure Your New Home Is Gas Safe

Moving home is an exciting time, but also a very busy one, and there will be a million and one things on your checklist. Ensuring that your new home is gas safe shouldn’t get missed off that list as it is incredibly important. Our guide will help you to make sure the home you are moving into is gas safe - and provide advice on how to keep it that way.

Get your appliances checked

Before you move into your new home it’s a good idea to get your gas appliances checked by a licensed gas fitter to ensure they are in good working order. If they have been poorly maintained or badly fitted they could pose a risk. It’s recommended that you then have them regularly serviced by a gas fitter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Fit a carbon monoxide alarm

If there isn’t already one in the house, it is essential to install a carbon monoxide alarm, which will alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide - this poisonous gas can be released when faulty gas appliances don’t fully combust.

DIY dos and don’ts

You will inevitably end up doing some sort of home improvement when you move into your new home but it is never advisable to remove, fit or fix a gas appliance unless you are a licensed gas fitter. Only fully trained, experienced gas fitters have the knowledge and skills to safely undertake gas work. Once a gas fitter has installed an appliance, they should check that it works and demonstrate how to use it.

Switching on gas appliances for the first time

If an appliance won’t light upon switching it on for the first time, check that the gas supply is turned on. To do this, ensure all appliance taps and controls are turned off before locating the meter and, if necessary, turning the valve to the on position. If the gas supply had been off, it might take a a few minutes for the gas to flow from the meter before the appliance will light. If it still won’t work, call a licensed gas fitter to get it checked.

Recognise the warning signs for faulty gas appliances

Lazy yellow flames instead of crisp blue flames, condensation in the room, and soot stains on or around the gas appliance are all warning signs that it is not working properly. If you suspect a fault, discontinue using it immediately and call a licensed gas fitter.

Only use gas appliances for their intended purpose

Improper use of a gas appliance could prove dangerous. For example, don’t use a gas BBQ or fir pit inside and don’t use your gas oven or cooktop to heat your home.

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