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How To Host A Cold Weather BBQ Party

How To Host A Cold Weather BBQ Party

The temperatures may be continuing to dip but you can still get your friends and family over for a BBQ party. Sound nutty? Imagine holding a warm roll packed with pulled pork on a cold day or biting into a sausage and feeling the heat drift down into your stomach.

As long as you’re prepared for the weather, BBQs can be great fun in the autumn and winter months. Plus you have the advantages of not overheating as you stand over the BBQ (in cold weather, you’ll find you have loads of company as you oversee the grilling of the food) and being ravenous enough to eat far more barbecued meat than you normally can do in the heat of the summer. Our tips on throwing a cold weather BBQ party should set you off to a good start. Happy grilling!

Rug up and hand out extra layers

No-one will be having fun if they’re shivering. In fact, you’ll end up on your own next to the BBQ as everyone heads inside to warm up. Make sure everyone comes prepared with enough layers but keep a basket full of throws and blankets for guests to don if they still feel cold. On a safety note, make sure whoever is in charge of the BBQ isn’t wearing highly flammable clothes and avoids dangling scarves and anything with tassels.

Invest in an outdoor heater

No matter how many layers you adorn, on the coldest days you need an extra source of warmth. Outdoor heaters are a great investment as, even on warm summer days the temperature might dip low enough once the sun disappears to warrant a heater in order to stay outside late into the night. After all, no-one wants the party to end just because they’re cold. Plenty of gas-fuelled options exist, from wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or freestanding heaters (ground or tabletop based), to fire pits, to stunning outdoor fireplaces. Whatever your budget or available space, there will be an outdoor gas heater to suit your needs.

Provide warm drinks

As well as an esky of beers and bottles of wine, make sure you offer hot drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Hot mulled cider or wine always goes down a treat on a cold day and will warm your hands as well as your bellies. Throw in some whisky or brandy to give it an extra kick and to give you and your guests an extra glow! If you’ve got a portable gas camping stove, you could even make it outside so you don’t have to keep popping inside, away from your guests.

Adjust your menu

No-one will complain about burgers, sausages and steaks but alter your side dishes to suit the colder weather. There’s nothing like a piping hot jacket potato on a cold day and, rather than salads, serve up grilled seasonal vegetables such as zucchinis, eggplants and carrots. Ditto dessert - leave the pavlova and berries for summer entertaining and instead barbecue halved bananas drizzled with a rum butter sauce.

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