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How Do I Read My Gas Meter?

How Do I Read My Gas Meter?

Gas meters measure the amount of gas your property uses, so understanding how to read yours will mean that you should never receive an estimated bill again. A meter reader should visit your home to take a reading but if they cannot access the meter, we will have to send a bill with an estimate of your usage. Gas meters may look complicated but are in fact incredibly easy to read once you know how. Our guide should help you get to grips with your particular meter.

What is a gas meter?

Gas meters are installed when gas is first connected to your property. They are fitted to the gas supply to your home and measure the amount of fuel consumed. This way we can provide you with an accurate bill so you know you’re only paying for the gas you use. If you have received a bill that you feel is too high, it is also useful to be able to read your meter so you can check the reading on your meter against the reading on your account.

Metric meters

Newer metric meters are the most common in Australian homes. You’ll know you’ve got a metric meter if it has a display showing a line of digits, which constitutes the usage in cubic metres (usually displayed as m3). They are incredibly easy to read - simply record the numbers from left to right, ignoring the red digits (these are used for testing only).

Imperial meters

Older imperial meters are being phased out so it is likely you will only have such a gas meter if you live in an older property. These measure gas consumption in cubic feet (usually displayed as ft3) rather than cubic metres. Imperial meters have a number of dials displaying numbers, each with their own hand. It’s important to stand directly in front of the meter when taking a reading to ensure you record the numbers accurately. Read and record the numbers the hands point to, from left to right. If a hand points to the middle of two numbers, record the lower number - the exception to this rule is if the hand falls in between 0 and 9, in which case you should record the number as 9.

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