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Prize Winners Announced for 2016 Hedland Art Awards

Prize Winners Announced for 2016 Hedland Art Awards

Alinta Energy is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Hedland Art Awards that showcases the creative talents of artists based in the Pilbara, Kimberley, Gascoyne, Mid West and Goldfields regions of Western Australia. This year 70 works were selected for admission from more than 150 entries.

Matt Andel (WA Sales Manager C&I), Andrew Barnes (Major Accounts Executive) and Jamie Rees (Plant Manager – Port Hedland) attended the event on behalf of Alinta Energy. Matt Andel presented the award for Best Work in a Medium other than Painting. There was a split decision chosen due to the judges wishing to recognise both artists “working outside the box”:

Ngarralja Tommy May (Mangkaja Arts) – Wurna Juwal

“This work has a striking use of colour and line, conveying a great sense of movement.  A contemporary use of medium; this shows an approach with a lot of potential.”

Michelle Siciliano – Sometimes when everything just really gets too much

“This is a playful, wistful, minimalist piece.  It is both whimsical and understated, fragile and bold.”

In a delightful turn of events, the winner of the Most Outstanding Work in the 2016 Hedland Art awards is also the subject of the winning piece in the category of Best Work by a non-Indigenous Artist. Port Hedland based artist, Nyapuru William Gardiner has taken out the top prize, a public endorsement for the Spinifex Hill Artist, whose work was also recognised at last year’s Hedland Art Awards and has since featured nationally as a finalist in the recent Telstra NATSIIA awards in Darwin.

The final prize, the People’s Choice Award, is open until the close of the exhibition. If you would like to see the exhibition it is on until mid October at the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery -



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