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What were the first electrical home appliances?

What were the first electrical home appliances?

Like all technological breakthroughs human kind have discovered, it doesn’t take us long to start using the new inventions to make our life easier!

Here is a timeline of when the first electrical home appliances were released in to the world. Although here in Australia often times we didn’t get these products quite as fast as they did in the rest of the world. We’ve started by putting the year when Thomas Edison first invented the light bulb to give you an idea of just how fast modern conveniences flowed from that point:

1879 – First practical incandescent light bulb demonstrated by Thomas Edison

1889 – Home electric sewing machine introduced by Singer

1901 – Lightweight electric iron introduced, first electric-powered washing machine, the “Thor,” ntroduced

1905 – First moveable vacuum cleaner invented, weighing in at 45 kilos it doesn’t sell well!

1908 – Electric coffee percolators first appear

1910 – First electric stove, first in-home electric refrigerator, first radios with tuners released

1913 – First refrigerators and dishwashers for home use

1919 – First automatic pop-up toaster

1928 – First air conditioners for home use

1929 – Electric shavers released

1930 – First plastic vacuum cleaners introduced

1931 – First vacuum cleaner with disposable bags, electric kettles and spin dryers appear on the market and first in-home television receiver invented (a full 25 years before Australia’s first public TV broadcast in 1956)

Imagine the energy rating on these first iterations!


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