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How to save on your summer energy bills

How to save on your summer energy bills

Besides all the usual energy saving tips like turning off appliances when not in use and switching to energy efficient bulbs, here is a selection of summer specific tips you can employ to keep your energy costs down.

Each tip can save anywhere from 2% - 4% of your energy usage so if you do a lot of them you can really see a difference. Here they are:

Be a speedy chef

The less heat you are adding to your home the cooler it will be and the less you will need to do to relieve the heat.

Fill up the fridge

The more items you have in the fridge the less work your fridge needs to do to maintain its cold temperature. It’s also a good excuse to stock up on your favourite summer drinks.

Avoid using the drier

As much as possible – it’s summer so use mother nature!

Clean/Replace your air conditioner filters

Clogged up air filters can make your air conditioner work extra hard to cool your home. A simple clean or quick replacement will end up with a more efficient home with cleaner air too.

Window shading is essential

Although we don’t want to shut yourselves out from the beautiful weather in summer, in rooms you are not using it is a good idea to shut those dark blinds to avoid excess heat entering your home that you have to deal with later with a fan or air conditioning.

Don’t play with your thermostat

Many people think that lowering your thermostat to the minimum will cool your home faster. Although you might feel that cool blast on your face, thermostats work by managing the entire home using the thermometer. So set your ideal temperature and let your air conditioner handle the rest, otherwise it will be constantly working to change to the temperatures that it is set to.

Only use your washing machine when it is full and use cold cycle

For two reasons: 1 hot cycles use more energy and 2 the heat generated has to go somewhere, and that’s into your home.

Limit oven use

Who wants a hot baked dinner in summer anyway? It’s a great time to switch to fresh, lighter meals. Who know, it may even be good for you :)

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