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Energy Futures: Your own personal wind turbine?

Energy Futures: Your own personal wind turbine?

Just like solar power is popping up on roofs all across Australia, there is also the option to have a mini-wind turbine too. Australia is known as a sunny country, that’s why solar is so prevalent. But in windy countries or regions, it might be feasible to satisfy your energy needs from wind power.

A company called Enessere, in Italy, have developed a sleek vertical axis wind generator called Hercules. It is 9 metres tall and silently transforms wind into electricity. They say it can generate enough electricity for a medium sized family home. The design means it can collect wind energy no matter the direction, unlike bladed wind turbines that need to be pointed at the wind source to function.

Small wind power generators have been used to power small cabins, boats and work sites, but they have not been typically used to power family homes. Also, Enessere’s system is designed to be attached to the grid and fed back in, just like solar does now.

Although the conditions in Australia are more suited to solar, there are some areas that might benefit from personal wind technology. The Hercules operates 4-40 knots of wind speed, so you might see homes along the coast start popping these up, if your neighbours don’t mind that is.


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