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Five simple swaps to help you save energy this summer

Five simple swaps to help you save energy this summer
Summer is here! Keeping cool during the long stretch of hot and sunny days could lead to a spike in your energy usage.

Here are five easy swaps to try out this summer to make your home more energy efficient and help save you money too.

Join the fan club
Some days, it seems using the air conditioner is the only way to feel relief from the summer heat. There are many times though, such as during the evening or the not-so-hot days, when you could switch to using the fan instead. Ceiling and pedestal fans use a lot less energy and are cheaper to run than air conditioners. To help save energy and money, when you next go to turn on the air conditioner, consider if the fan can do the job.

Breeze through the washing
Here’s your chance to use the hot sun and warm summer winds to your advantage. Clothes dryers are handy in winter but as they use energy and warm up the room, they may not be your best option during the summer months. Swap from the dryer to the clothes line. Hanging your wet washing on the line outside can give you a chance to enjoy the fresh morning air and get some natural vitamin D. Your clothes can dry energy-free in the breeze and sunlight (which is a natural sanitiser too).

Consider your curtains
Instead of switching on the fan or air conditioner as soon as you start to feel the heat, try drawing your blinds and curtains first. Using your window coverings to keep the sunlight out of your home can dramatically reduce the heat. Then when your fan or air conditioner are turned on later, they don’t have to work as hard to cool down your rooms.

Pop the drinks on ice
Having a second fridge can be great for entertaining but keeping it running all day, every day can be costly. If your second fridge doesn’t get used very often maybe it’s time to move it on. By using your main fridge and getting out the good old fashioned esky filled with ice for parties, the energy and running costs you could save over a year could really add up.

Enjoy al fresco dining
Instead of heating up the kitchen with your stove or oven, head outside and fire up the barbecue. Summer is the perfect season for entertaining or just enjoying a casual meal in the great outdoors. You might even like to spread a picnic rug, decorate with solar fairy lights or try a new barbeque recipe.  


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