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8 surprising facts about the energy we use

8 surprising facts about the energy we use
View our 8 surprising facts about the energy we use.
  1. Australia consumes 0.9% of the world’s energy.
  2. 15% of Australian homes have solar, the highest rate of household solar panel installation in the world.
  3. 15% of Australia’s electricity comes from renewable sources.
  4. Heating and cooling account for about half of the energy used in a typical home.
  5. Roughly 10-15% of our electricity bill is for lighting.
  6.  Most households have an average of 8 appliances left on stand-by (some appliances continue to use about 75% of the energy it uses while actually on).
  7. Washing clothes at 60ºC uses almost twice the energy as a 40ºC wash.
  8. 90% of the energy used by traditional bulbs is wasted in producing heat.

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