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7 quick facts about Australia’s energy supplies

7 quick facts about Australia’s energy supplies

Australia is the world’s ninth largest energy producer, accounting for around 2.5% of world energy production and 5% of world energy exports. Our vast size means we have access to many different energy producing resources; in fact, we export two thirds of the energy we produce.

Although we are reliant on many fossil fuels now, Australia is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the growing solar energy generation capabilities and is already one of the world’s leaders in the use of home solar systems. Here are some other interesting facts about our energy supplies:

1. Australia has approximately 0.3% of the world’s oil reserves

2. Approximately 92% of Australia’s natural gas reserves are located in Western Australia, which in 2008 was close to 2% of global gas reserves

3. Australia has approximately 8.5% of the world’s brown coal reserves

4. Australia has about 7% of the world's economically recoverable black coal (5th highest in the world)

5. Australia has the second largest uranium reserves in the world but does not have any nuclear power stations

6. Coal seam gas supplies over 60% of the total gas market in Queensland

7. The Snowy Mountains hydroelectric power scheme is the largest hydro electric system in Australia. Tasmania's electricity generation is primarily hydro-electric and has Australia’s second largest hydro electric scheme at Gordon Dam (pictured)



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