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7 incredible energy use statistics

7 incredible energy use statistics

1. Google uses enough energy to continuously power 200,000 homes

It is estimated that one Google search is equal to turning on a 60W light bulb for 17 seconds. That being said, Google’s carbon footprint is zero as they purchase carbon offsets and invest in renewable energy production.

2. A PlayStation 3 uses five times more energy than a refrigerator

So they next time you tell someone to close the fridge to save on electricity waste, just remember how long that gaming console has been on for!

3. Two-thirds of Australia’s energy resources are exported

We use about one third of the energy resources we generate each year, helping make us the 9th largest energy exporter in the world.

4. All the refrigerators in USA consume about as much energy as produced by 25 large power plants each year

With over 125 million households, its not surprising that some energy use statistics from America are colossal!

5. Enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface every minute to satisfy the world’s energy demands for an entire year

One day in the future we may be able to convert all of that energy for our use, effectively supplying the world’s demand for energy for thousands of years.

6. Coal makes up 2/5 of the world’s electricity generation

Coal generates more electricity than any other source - it produces twice as much electricity as natural gas.

7. China’s wind power capacity is roughly double Australia’s entire electricity network

China is the world leader in wind power generation - their wind energy target is a massive 250 gigawatts by 2020. Australia’s current generation capacity is 66.6 gigawatts.


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