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5 ultra-cool future home appliances to look out for

5 ultra-cool future home appliances to look out for

It seems everything we have imagined in science fiction is slowly being invented: delivery drones, hover boards and self driving cars are already here – but what is coming up next?

Technology is supposed to make our life easier and better and mostly it has. Here is a selection of some of the most interesting home appliances we may be using within the next few decades:

1. In-Home Clothing Printer

Inventor Joshua Harris dreamed up this appliance that lets you print clothes on demand in your own home. The idea is you buy designs from designers/companies then print the item yourself. Extra points awarded because he thinks you should be able to recycle old garments to use as the material for the new ones.

2. The Imaginary Kitchen

‘The Kitchen Hideaway’ by Daniel Dobrogorsky imagines a world where you control a virtual kitchen with your mind. Simply think of the meal you want and an external robotic kitchen swings into action and prepares it for you – all without uttering single word or lifting a finger. You do have to know how to cook the meal though, as your brain is still in control. Once done the food is packaged and delivered ready to eat.

3. A garden in your kitchen

Agrilution have invented an automated indoor veggie garden called the plantCube. It is the size of a common built-in fridge and uses LED lamps to generate different climates within a single unit. The idea is fresh garden products for in any high density living home or apartment.

4. Fridge that helps you cook

This fridge is really helpful – first you select a recipe that is able to be made based on what is in your fridge. Then, it calls out cooking instructions to you while you make the meal. And conversely, you can enter a bunch of recipes in and it will tell you what you need to buy. Thanks Fridge! And thanks Ashley Legg for inventing it.

5. Smart Toilets

There are toilets in Japan that will perform a urinalysis after people do their business, and then inform them whether or not they have diabetes, or are at risk for it. They may soon be able to tell women they are pregnant too! No picture provided here, ahem.


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