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5 of the wackiest forms of alternative energy

5 of the wackiest forms of alternative energy

Even though many countries, including Australia, are increasing their electricity generation from renewable sources, there are still a few more ideas on the horizon that we may make use of in the future.

That being said, there are lots of different ways on generating energy, so here are some we hope you’ll find interesting to ponder:

5. Leftover food

Biogas is obtained from rotting food and, if you have enough of it, can provide enough fuel to generate electricity. The idea is also to add bacteria that helps accelerate this process, thereby eliminating the current problem of having to grow special crops just for biofuel.

4. Cow power

Livestock is responsible for around 20% of greenhouse gas emission worldwide, so it is a good place to find reusable material. Cows burps are mostly methane and, if harvested, could lower emissions and provide a new fuel source. No one has worked out quite how to do this though.

3. Human waste

Just like our bovine earth-mates, our waste product too contains valuable reusable materials. Fats can replace fuels and urine can be used to obtain hydrogen in larger quantities than plain water.

2. Muscle power

Some companies are working on a way to make homes self sufficient by plugging in treadmills and bikes to their electrical system. Although we have to worry about the equation of whether it takes more energy to produce, certainly all those gym junkies could at least be generating some power.

1. Mini-nuclear reactors

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed a design for a reactor the size of a big fridge that could generate enough electricity to power 20,000 homes. It’s not cheap though at $25 million. However they say it’s quite affordable because that’s only $1250 per home. Who wants to sign up first?

Heard of another idea or got one of your own? Leave it for everyone to read in the comments below.

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