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Learn about the latest innovations in electricity as well as hints, tips and yummy recipes.

Cheap Stay-At-Home Dates

Date nights are important to keep the fire burning and ensure we all have a little time off from work and family but sometimes finding a babysitter can be tough (and expensive!) and going out can be a pricey endeavour. However, that doesn’t have to mean the end of regular date nights. There are dozens of fantastic stay-at-home date night ideas that are fun, creative and, most importantly, inexpensive. The great thing is that cooking a fancy meal at home or watching a movie on your TV is far cheaper than going out to a restaurant or to the cinema, and can be infinitely more comfortable!

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How Australia’s Energy Landscape Has Changed Over Time

The ways in which Australia generates, uses and perceives energy has changed, is changing and will continue to change over time. One thing that has not changed is our need for energy to power our lives. What we are powering and the frequency with which we do it has of course evolved with technology, which has changed our lives more in the last century than it has done for centuries before it.

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Cool Down With A Portable Fan

As the weather heats up, it’s time to think about the most efficient ways of cooling down our homes. Portable fans are kinder to the environment, cheaper to run than air conditioners, and are ideal for cooling a single room or person. They won’t cool a large space as well as an air conditioner but are great for circulating cooler air once a room has been cooled by an air conditioner, allowing you to switch your air con on for shorter periods. For small spaces, personal use, and as a quick and affordable fix for the home on hot days, they are also ideal. Here is what you need to consider when purchasing a portable fan.

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Exciting Developments In Smart Home Technologies

Smart home technology is advancing at a rate of knots. Home automation is no longer simply an invention of science fiction or a possibility for the distant future. It is here now and will only improve. From simple lighting, temperature and home entertainment control, smart home technology could soon become more intuitive, ordering food supplies and alerting us to home maintenance issues. The technology is here, it just needs to be made more affordable. The future truly is now!

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A Brief Introduction To Gas-fired Electricity

Natural gas is an incredibly versatile fuel - as well as being used as an efficient energy source in its own right, for heating, cooking and hot water, it is also a means for electricity production. Gas power stations convert the heat energy from the combustion of natural gas into electricity, which can be used in homes and businesses. With greater operational flexibility and being cleaner burning than coal power plants, more and more gas-fired power stations are being built across the globe and, today, natural gas produces around 15% of Australia’s electricity.

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