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Learn about the latest innovations in electricity as well as hints, tips and yummy recipes.

How To Avoid Gas And Electrical DIY Disasters

We all love a project and, with YouTube as a guide and your expertise in home improvements, there’s nothing you can’t tackle, right? Wrong. There’s certainly plenty you can do yourself but there are some jobs that are better - and, more importantly, safer - left to the professionals. Sometimes it’s simply a case of knowing your limitations as well as areas you should avoid when working on a project. Knowing the hazards is key, as our guide explains.

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The Incredible Journey Electricity Makes

We all take it for granted that when we flick a switch lights magically illuminate or when we press a button our TV comes to life. Electricity is there when we need it, whatever time of day or night, but it goes on quite a journey to reach us. From a power station where it begins its life, to its end destination of our homes and businesses, electricity can travel vast distances, passing along overhead lines and underground cables and through several substations to increase or decrease the voltage to whatever is required.

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Stay Cool - What Are Your Options For Cooling Your Home?

Baby, it’s hot outside! The summer is here in full force but are you cooling your home efficiently? Are you able to maintain a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank? Don’t sweat it - as the mercury soars, we look at the three most common options to cool your home.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Enjoy A Staycation

What are you planning to do this summer? Zoom off on a plane on an overseas break? Load up your car or campervan for an Aussie road trip? Alternatively, have you considered staying at home during your holidays? Staycations have become increasingly popular as we try to reduce our carbon footprint, save money and make things easier for ourselves. Staying at home needn’t - and shouldn’t - mean ticking off a never-ending list of chores but using the time to relax with your family, explore what your local area has to offer and enjoy the comforts of your own home.

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Busting Energy-Saving Myths

With the world on an energy-saving drive, theories abound as to how we can save energy and reduce bills but how many of these are actually true? We go on a fact-finding mission to bust those energy myths so you know which actions do and which do not save energy.

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