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Top Tips For Moving House With A Dog

Top Tips For Moving House With A Dog

Moving might be stressful for you, but spare a thought for your dog. Our canine companions know what they like and they like what they know. Anything that’s new and different can really unsettle them, causing anxiety and stress – for both you and your pup!

The key to any house move is planning, and moving house with a dog is no exception. The better you plan, the quicker your best pal will settle into their new home.

Follow these top tips for moving house with a dog:

Be positive

It might sound silly to non-dog owners (or even cat owners) out there, but dogs respond to your voice and emotions. So if you’re anxious, frustrated and short-tempered, your pal will be too. On the flipside, if you are positive and talk to your dog in a positive tone of voice, he will respond in the same way.

Create a sanctuary

Provide a sense of comfort for your dog that he can take with him on the move. Look for a crate, hut or bed that can be filled with familiar blankets and toys. Introduce him to the space well before the move, so he can make it his own. Make this the first thing to enter your new home so your dog has a safe place to cuddle up inside.

Visit your new home

Take your furry friend to visit your new home before moving day. Go for a walk around the neighbourhood and explore the new sights, smells and sounds. Let your voice and actions show how excited you are, so he can feed off this and understand it’s a good place.

Book doggy daycare

For moving day and even the first few days of your new home, you might want to book your up into doggy daycare or leave him with a familiar friend or family member. There’s going to be a lot going on and even the best-behaved pooch may struggle to stay under control in a strange new place. Plus, you’ll be able to get more done when he’s not sniffing around and getting underfoot.

Don’t replace old toys

You might want to spruce up your new place with brand new doggy toys, blankets, beds and goodies, but hold off for a few months. Your pup will settle in better if surrounded by familiar things.

Get rid of old enemies

If your new home has had dogs or cats living there, your dog will be able to sense it. And because dogs are such territorial creatures, it won’t be long before they try and sniff out their foe! Try and neutralise any areas with a distinct pet smell as quickly as possible.

Let the air flow

New homes always seem to ooze that new home smell of fresh paint and cleaning fluids. But these harmful VOCs are bad news for your pet, especially because dogs have an acute sense of smell. Keep the house well ventilated or let a friend look after him until the air is clear. 

Remember, your home is your dog’s home, so give them some slack: they are finding the move just a challenging as you are. Take some time and plan how you can make moving house with your dog that little bit easier for everyone. Stay tuned into their needs and behaviour, and give them some comfort. They’ll soon return the favour when you need a friend!

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