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The Hottest Crazy Gadgets To Keep You Warm This Winter

The Hottest Crazy Gadgets To Keep You Warm This Winter
Feeling the chill? Check out these hot gadgets to keep you warm this winter.

Winter is well and truly upon us. And even though the days are getting longer again (phew!), there are still two long frosty months to survive.

To keep you warm and toasty, we've found five amazing gadgets that have you thinking about your next tropical vacation rather than your frozen extremities!

1. Smart Insole

Have you seen the heated covers that Formula One race mechanics install pre-race over an F1 car’s tyres? There’s a reason for this. The heated covers raise the tyre temperatures and ensure the tyres are immediately able to provide better grip for cornering at speed.

The new Glagla Digitsole works to the same principle. It’s the world’s first connected heating and interactive shoe insole. Essentially, the soles have a built-in thermostat to warm your feet. So the next time you are preparing to head off on a long walk or run, you can individually adjust each shoe’s insole to a ‘race-fit’ temperature. You’ll corner just like an F1 racecar.

And aside from the feet warming benefit, the Digitsole is capable of tracking your steps, the distance you cover and the calories you burn – all thanks to a miniscule Micro-USB port hidden under the back of the heel flap.

2. USB Heated Blanket

Allergic to cat hair? Now there’s no need to be envious of your cat-owning friends during winter. The USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket by has the heat equivalent output of one “Cat-a-Watt”. Just plug the shawl into your desktop or laptop and pop it onto your lap to feel the equivalent heat to a purring cat. It’s even got two levels of heat: one USB for low heat and two for high heat.

3. Perfectly Warmed Towel or Bathrobe

Whether you want a little bathtime extravagance or simply want to get the kids out of the bath, the Towel Warmer by Brookstone could be just the thing. Powered by electricity, the Towel Warmer can hold up to two large towels or bathrobes and heat them up to 49°C in ten minutes. Simply place the towels inside, close the lid and press the warming button. Then enjoy the sensation of toasty warm towels after your bath. It’s also handy for warming gloves before you venture out into the cold!

4. Heated Steering Wheel Cover

If you haven’t got a Towel Warmer for your gloves, maybe you need a Heated Steering Wheel Cover? After all, nobody wants to start the day gripping a cold steering wheel. The Heated Steering Wheel Cover by Truepower slips easily over most steering wheels and plugs into the vehicle’s auto accessory power outlet. The thermostat automatically regulates the cover temperature to a toasty 35-45°C.

5. Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat

If you’ve ever dashed to the toilet in the cold of the night (we all have…), you’ll have wished for a heated toilet seat. Now your wish has been granted with a LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat. The toilet seat has three temperature settings, plus an illuminating nightlight so you can find your way in the dark.

With these crazy but wonderful gadgets in your life, you’ll soon forget it’s winter!

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