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Smart Home Security Gadgets Ready to Baffle Burglars

Smart Home Security Gadgets Ready to Baffle Burglars
Looking to ramp up your home security? Get the lowdown on the top smart home security gadgets in 2015. There’s a new generation of smart home security devices ready to guard your property. And we reckon they could outsmart even the sneakiest intruder.

Here’s our pick of the latest in smart home security devices:


The brainchild of a UK-based startup, Cocoon is a home security device with beauty and brains.

A high definition camera, motion detection and SUBSOUND technology work together to sense activity around your home. Strange though it sounds, the technology is similar to that used to detect the Earth’s tremors.

If it detects anything unusual, the device sends notifications to your smartphone. Then you can control the response from your smartphone – simply call the police, alert your neighbours or set of an alarm to scare off intruders.

The best thing about Cocoon is that you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Bored on holiday? Watch your home live and recorded on your smartphone, complete with wide-angle night vision and high-quality audio.


Cocoon makes for the perfect security system for your home or holiday property. And it looks pretty darn good too!

Nest Cam

The awesome thing about wireless security cameras is that they are incredibly easy to set up – and Nest Cam is no exception. This Wi-Fi security camera provides crystal clear video quality, including night vision and 8x digital zoom.

Nest Cam looks for motion and unusual noises and sends an alert to your smartphone when it detects something.

There's also a built-in speaker and microphone so you can talk to people in the room (and freak them out!), plus a tripod letting you install your Nest Cam anywhere in your home.

For an extra monthly fee, the device saves video to the cloud so you can access it from anywhere, anytime.


The Nest Cam makes it a cinch to monitor your home from anywhere. Simply plug it into an electricity point, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and create a free Nest Cam account. You do need to pay a monthly fee to store the video in the cloud.


Looking for something simple? Canary has it covered. This high-quality camera might not come with a whizz-bang sensor system, but it relies on something different. It adapts to the rhythm of your home, understanding the noise levels, activity, air quality, temperature and humidity. So, it’s smarter about sending you security alerts when something changes.

And it gets better. Canary senses when your smartphone is in range to tell if you’re at home. When you (and your smartphone) leave, it switches to “away” mode and continually uploads video to the cloud. Don’t want to record video? Simply switch it to “private”.

Like Cocoon, Canary also notifies you if there’s anything unusual going on and gives you the option to sound the alarm, depending on what you see in the footage.


Great home security device if you rent or live alone – especially because there are no monthly fees or fiddly installation with your electricity. Simply plug and go. On the downside, if your power goes out, there’s no battery backup.

iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep

It might not have the catchiest name, but this little camera makes some big promises.

The iCamera Keep can work as a standalone device or alongside the iSmartAlarm system. It’s easy to set up – buy the starter kit and pop the sensors around your home. Then, track them on your smart device (iOS or Android). There’s also night vision (a must-have for these types of devices!)


This device will only set you back around AU$190, which is a small price to pay for better security. However, there’s not yet the ability to store video in the cloud or even a local drive.

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