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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Enjoy A Staycation

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Enjoy A Staycation

What are you planning to do this summer? Zoom off on a plane on an overseas break? Load up your car or campervan for an Aussie road trip? Alternatively, have you considered staying at home during your holidays? Staycations have become increasingly popular as we try to reduce our carbon footprint, save money and make things easier for ourselves. Staying at home needn’t - and shouldn’t - mean ticking off a never-ending list of chores but using the time to relax with your family, explore what your local area has to offer and enjoy the comforts of your own home.

Why choose a staycation?

There are many reasons for staying at home during your holiday time, not least that it will save you a lot of money. Organising a holiday can be stressful and time-consuming, travelling and staying away from home with small children can be difficult, and it can take a while to relax after the upheaval and exhaustion of travel.

Staycation tips

Book time off

Just as with a regular holiday, you need to set aside time and book it off work. Make sure it is pencilled in on your calendar as your staycation so that you don’t just end up treating it like one long weekend to do chores.

Tell friends and family you’re on holiday

Holidays mean getting away from it all so make sure your staycation does too. You should be taking a break from family and work responsibilities so ensure everyone knows you will be unavailable for the length of time of your staycation.

Buy something special

You’ve saved a heap of money by staying at home so why not treat yourself to something you can use to enjoy on your staycation? Ideas include a big- screen TV for movie marathons, or a brand new BBQ or outdoor furniture set for lazy days in your backyard.

Doing nothing is just as much fun as day trips

Just because you’re on holiday, it doesn’t mean you have to fill your days with exciting plans. Sometimes doing very little is just what’s needed to rejuvenate you. Watch that box set you’ve had for ages but haven’t had time to even think about, whack the air con up and read a great book, enjoy long bubble baths - you’ll feel better for it.

Staycation ideas

Movie or box-set marathon

Get out those movies or box sets you’ve been dying to watch but haven’t had the time and indulge in some sofa time.

Family BBQ

Set aside an entire day and enjoy a delicious BBQ with your family, followed by outdoor games and a swim if you’ve got a pool (or can borrow a neighbour’s!)

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