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Moving House, Moving Energy Suppliers?

Moving House, Moving Energy Suppliers?

Moving house is an incredibly exciting time but it is also an extremely busy and sometimes stressful period of your life. There are a million and one things to organise but sorting your gas and electricity should be something high up on that list to ensure you aren’t paying for energy you aren’t using after you leave your old home and have power when you move into your new one. The question is, do you simply move your supplier with you or do you take this opportunity to re-evaluate and switch suppliers if necessary? Either way, it shouldn’t be difficult, especially with our hints and tips for a hassle-free energy move.

Before you move

Whether you decide to stick with your current supplier or switch to a new one, you will have to inform your current supplier that you are moving so that you aren’t charged for any consumption at your old home after you have left. Your supplier will need at least three business days’ notice so that they can arrange for a final meter reading and construct a final account.

Sticking with your current supplier

If you are happy with your current energy supplier, let them know that you wish to continue with them at your new address when you inform them that you are leaving your old one. After finalising and closing your old account, they will set up a new account for you at the address of your new home. If you need a gas supply and there is no connection at your new home, they will also help you to arrange a new gas connection.

Switching to a new energy supplier

You may decide that moving is a great time to re-evaluate your current plan and supplier and shop around for the best deal for you, your household and your new home. This is especially relevant if a move reflects a change in circumstances, for example an increase or decrease to the numbers in your household - maybe your children have flown the nest and you’re downsizing, or you’ve welcomed new members into your family and your energy needs have changed along with your need for more space. If you do decide to switch suppliers, it’s important to check whether you will incur any charges for early termination of your contract with your current supplier (if that is applicable). As with above, you will need to arrange for a final bill to be sent to you so that you can settle and close your account.

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