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5 factors that can impact your energy bill

When you open your energy bill, you may be surprised at how your energy consumption can change between billing periods. Small changes in your habits over a month or two can really make a difference.
Here are five factors that can impact your energy bill and some ideas that may help you to reduce it.

Working with the weather
Your household energy use can fluctuate based on the weather you’ve been experiencing. Hot days and sweltering nights with the air conditioning working overtime can push up your energy use – and you might notice this on your energy bill.

To help reduce your energy use during the summer heat, you could try to cut down your use of the air conditioning. Keep the sun and heat out of your home by drawing the blinds and curtains on those really hot days. To help cool down your home naturally, open up the doors and windows in the evening and enjoy the fresh air when it’s cooler.

The power of people
Over the holiday season, if you had family or friends come to stay, you may have noticed a spike in your energy costs. More people living under your roof usually means more energy your household will use.

Set a good example for your houseguests by putting your energy saving habits into practise and you might even have the chance to share your energy saving tips and tricks. This could help keep your energy costs down as well as reduce how much energy your guests use in their own home.

New habits for new appliances
Did you get a new electrical appliance for Christmas? Or maybe you got a great deal on a new appliance at the Boxing Day sales. Some appliances use a surprising amount of energy, even when they are not being used.
Switching off your appliances at the wall can really make a difference to your energy usage and costs. When you are not using an appliance, turning off the power at the wall may reduce its energy use by almost 10% - making it a great habit for the environment and your back pocket.

Concession card claims
If you’re a concession card holder, have a look at your last energy bill to make sure we have your correct details so that you’re getting the right discount.
If you have a new card, or your details have changed, remember to let us know.

From time to time
If you notice a small variation in your energy bill, it may be related to your billing period.
Electricity bills are issued every three months (unless you are on monthly billing) and gas bills are issued every two months. Some billing periods are naturally longer than others and this may be reflected on your invoice.



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