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How To Have A Northern Christmas In The Australian Summer

How To Have A Northern Christmas In The Australian Summer

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas this year but are staying in Oz, there are ways you can fake it just for one day! From turning up the air con so that you can don a Christmas jumper and snuggle up with a loved one, to fake snow, we’ve got the solutions. Then, when you’ve had your cold Christmas fix, you can return to our beautifully warm weather, throw on your shorts and thongs and fire up your BBQ!

Turn up the air con and snuggle down

Hot chocolate, an open fire and Christmas jumpers just aren’t practical on a hot summer’s day so make sure all your doors and windows are shut and turn up your cooling system. You could even go one step further and switch on your log effect gas fire to achieve that authentic northern hemisphere Christmas day feeling. Put on a Christmas movie, make yourself a hot drink and rug up in front of the fire!

Pretend it’s snowing

OK, so it’s not quite the same as the real thing but if you want to duplicate the snowy scenes on Christmas cards and in seasonal movies and songs, a can of artificial snow makes for a great effect - without the chaos that real snow brings! Spray it around the borders of your windows, on your wreath and use it to flock your Christmas tree. You could also opt for fake crystallised ice or plastic snow flakes and icicles. To really pretend you’re holed up in a snowstorm you could put batting or wadding on your rooftop to resemble piles of snow.

Get festive with a spectacular light display

When it comes to outdoor light displays, nowhere does it bigger or better than the USA but there’s no reason you can’t create an equally spectacular display outside your home. Hardware stores and department stores hold a fantastic selection of outdoor Christmas lights, from simple strings of lights to illuminated Santas, reindeer, snowmen, polar bears and penguins!

Have a Christmas movie night

Turn up the air con, gather a load of festive snacks - for example, mince pies, stollen, gingerbread, Christmas cake, yule logs, sugar canes, reindeer cupcakes, and hot chocolate or mulled wine - and settle down for a Christmas movie marathon. If it can’t be wintry and snowy here in Oz (and, let’s face it, we’re quite glad it isn’t really, aren’t we?!), we can watch in on screen and get that warm and cosy Christmas feeling from the comfort of our living room!

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