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Cool Down With A Portable Fan

Cool Down With A Portable Fan

As the weather heats up, it’s time to think about the most efficient ways of cooling down our homes. Portable fans are kinder to the environment, cheaper to run than air conditioners, and are ideal for cooling a single room or person. They won’t cool a large space as well as an air conditioner but are great for circulating cooler air once a room has been cooled by an air conditioner, allowing you to switch your air con on for shorter periods. For small spaces, personal use, and as a quick and affordable fix for the home on hot days, they are also ideal. Here is what you need to consider when purchasing a portable fan.

Desk Fans

Small desk fans are great for office use and will create a welcome breeze around you as you work.

Floor Fans

Floor fans are either round, square or column shaped. Round fans tend to sit atop stands, enabling them to distribute air across the room rather than at your feet. The same applies to column fans.


The smallest portable fans are handheld ones, designed to be used on the go. Desk fans should be compact enough not to take up too much work space. Most round floor fans designed for domestic use are between 6-18 inches in diameter and most comparable square fans are 16-20 inches high. If you intend to cool a large room you may need two floor fans, placed at opposite ends.


If you plan on taking your fan with you from room to room, weight will be an important consideration. There are several lightweight floor fans and desk fans tend to be light and compact. If you don’t need to transport a fan up stairs you could choose one with wheels.


The higher the velocity, the greater the air circulation, and the cooler the room. However, as a higher velocity results in a greater push of air, they may not be suitable for those who suffer from dry eyes or regular sore throats.


If your fan is for work use - whether in a home office or a public space - you don’t want it to be so loud that it disturbs others or you struggle to hear clients and colleagues on the phone. Noise is also a consideration in bedrooms and when watching the television.

Multiple Speeds

Having the option of multiple speeds works well for the different needs of night and day. You might want a higher speed in the heat of the day, when you don’t mind so much about a little extra noise. At night, when both air and body temperatures dip and quieter noises are needed for sleep, a lower speed is ideal.


Oscillating fans move from side to side, ensuring a greater distribution of cool air to a room. Perfect for cooling more than one person or a bigger space.

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