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Cheap Stay-At-Home Dates

Cheap Stay-At-Home Dates

Date nights are important to keep the fire burning and ensure we all have a little time off from work and family but sometimes finding a babysitter can be tough (and expensive!) and going out can be a pricey endeavour. However, that doesn’t have to mean the end of regular date nights. There are dozens of fantastic stay-at-home date night ideas that are fun, creative and, most importantly, inexpensive. The great thing is that cooking a fancy meal at home or watching a movie on your TV is far cheaper than going out to a restaurant or to the cinema, and can be infinitely more comfortable!


Challenge your other half to a cook-off. Choose either a starter, main or dessert and compete to see whose is judged the better. Desserts are probably the best course to compete over - who can ever have enough sweet food? Preparing and cooking in the kitchen at the same time will give you a chance to properly chat and have fun, plus you get two yummy desserts to gorge on at the end of it! Switch the burners on your cooktop, turn the oven up and get cooking!  

Theme night

Pick a theme and base your entire night around it. For example, if you opted for Mexican you could wear sombreros, cook up some fajitas, and then watch a film set in Mexico (such as Once Upon A Time In Mexico or Three Amigos). Turn up the air con, switch on the TV and snuggle down on the sofa together. It's amazing how cheap electricity can be.

Slumber party for two

You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy a slumber party in your living room or home cinema room. Get into your pyjamas, throw a load of pillows, cushions and blankets on the floor and cosy down with popcorn and a load of movies. This is far cheaper and infinitely more comfortable than going to the cinema - and you never have to leave your home!

Posh dinner at home

Dress up in your finest gear, light some candles and create a lavish three-course meal at home. Who says you can only get dressed up if you’re going out? Plus, you can splash out on a fancy bottle of Champagne without it bankrupting you!

Karaoke night

This may involve a few drinks beforehand but once you both feel ready, turn up the music and start belting out some classics. You can easily find the music to songs with the lyrics subtitled online so you can create a proper karaoke experience.

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