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13 awesome kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed

13 awesome kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed

Ever wished you could get coffee on tap? Or that you could see precisely when your bread is perfectly toasted? Perhaps you’re longing to perfect your culinary art skills? Here, we reveal 13 awesome kitchen gadgets that you never knew you needed.

1. CinniBird

Whether you want to perfect your coffee art or decorate your dinner, CinniBird will make you a kitchen Picasso. Simply fill the pen with the spice or seasoning you want, press the button and doodle away!

2. Minipresso

Technically, the Minipresso is for outside the kitchen, but we couldn’t resist adding it to the list. This über slick portable espresso maker serves your caffeine hit anywhere, whether you’re on top of a mountain or stuck in traffic.

3. Magnifying Spoon

In bygone times, kings and queens had royal food tasters to check whether their dinner was contaminated. Now, the ingenious Magnifying Spoon lets you take matters into your own hands. With a super powerful lens, you can inspect every morsel before scooping it up for consumption.

4. FOODsniffer

Gone are the days of sniffing your meat and wondering whether it’s good enough to eat. The FOODsniffer is an electronic nose designed to detect the quality and freshness of meat, poultry and fish.

5. TopBrewer

Coffee lovers, this is no typical tap. Rather than water, the TopBrewer releases perfectly brewed coffee on demand. It even contains the world’s smallest milk foamer to finish off your frothy cappuccino or latte.

6. Vision Toaster

Creating the perfect toast comes down to timing. Now, all the guesswork is taken out of the equation with the world’s first see-through toaster. The concept is simple: watch your bread toast and stop it as soon as you’ve reached the optimum level of golden crispness.

7. Miito

Who needs a kettle when you can have use a rod to heat up any liquid? Tea, coffee, soup, hot chocolate – Miito will heat liquids directly in the cup or bowl, so there’s no wasted water or energy. Place the vessel onto the induction base and pop the rod into the liquid. The induction base heats the rod, and the rod heats the liquid. Easy.

8. Compleat FoodSkin

There’s nothing worse than making a perfect sandwich, only to get to work and find that it’s completely fallen to pieces in your lunchbox. The Compleat FoodSkin is the sandwich saviour. Whatever the shape or size, the elastic silicone holds your sandwich in place.

9. Carrot Peeler + Sharpener

Okay, you might not need a carrot sharpener, but you will want one! Play with your food and make cool sharpenings for your salads.

10. Iceless Wine Chiller

Never drink warm wine again! This tabletop wine chiller uses Peltier thermoelectric technology to cool (or warm) the wine to the optimal temperature.

11. Klipy Cake Divider

Cake envy is a thing of the past with this handy device. Simply pop Klipy into the middle of the cake to make the first cut. Then, use the guides to cut the cake into perfectly even pieces, based on how many you want.

12. Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

A must-have for any gourmet griller, the Bluetooth Grill Thermometer helps you cook tasty food that’s safe to eat. Insert the probes into the meat and tell the app on your smartphone or tablet what you’re cooking. The probes send the food temperature to your device, which alerts you when it’s ready.

13. Easy Egg Separator

Your days of painstakingly trying to separate egg yolks are over. This ingenious little gadget gets the job done in seconds without any mess. Simply crack your egg into the bowl and squeeze the separator over the yolk to activate the suction.

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