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Food Rescue now feeding over 11,000 people every week

Food Rescue now feeding over 11,000 people every week

As the proud principal sponsor of Food Rescue, it’s heart-warming to hear they are feeding over 11,000 people every week, all using food that would otherwise have been thrown away.

One of the most successful programs is the CBD Cargo Cart initiative. Food Rescue had always collected fresh sandwiches, wraps, and rolls from the city as part of their everyday food rescue operations, however due to logistics only collected from 7 cafes. These nimble food carts have enabled Food Rescue to now collect from over 40 cafes, a massive increase in food now available for those who need it.

The provision of these ‘rescued’ sandwiches, wraps and rolls is a simple gesture yet it provides a fresh and portable source of healthy food to store for breakfast and school lunches for those who do not have the luxury of a house and kitchen.

In fact, Alinta Energy volunteers on Cargo Cart duty have collected thousands of food items this year and will continue to support this worthwhile program.

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