Large Business Electricity and Gas

Commercial Natural Gas

The gas supply chain is represented across five key functions.

Alinta Energy operates primarily in gas wholesale, retail and transmission/distribution services. Although Alinta Energy owns interests in gas transmission pipelines, it does not operate in the upstream gas supply market.

1. Produ​ction
Gas is extracted from underground wells in fields.

2. Processing
Gas is processed, to remove impurities and convert various products for sale.

3. Transmission and Distribution
High pressure transmission pipelines deliver gas either directly to large users or to lower pressure distribution pipelines.

4. Retail
Retailers purchase gas in the wholesale market and deliver it through the transmission and distribution network to sell to consumers.

5. Consumption
Gas is used for many varying purposes across the commercial and industrial sectors.

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Commercial Electricity

The electricity supply chain in Australia can be summarised across the following five segments.

1. Generation
Power stations generate electricity.

2. Transmission
Power is transported to consumers via networks. The first component is transmission lines, which carry high voltage electricity from the power station to distribution lines.

3. Distribution
Transmission lines connect to distribution lines, which carry low voltage electricity to consumers.

4. Retail
Retailers purchase electricity in the wholesale market, deliver it through the transmission and distribution network, and sell it to consumers.

5. Consumption
Electricity has a range of uses across many different commercial activities. From powering production facilities, to heating and lighting for onsite premises.

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