Business Advantage Electricity

Affordable electricity on a simple plan
Our Business Advantage energy plan is a simple and affordable way to power your business.
Electricity Rates - 126 & 126M  
General Usage Charges incl GST
First 27.3973 kWh/day (c/kWh) 37.367
Thereafter (c/kWh) 37.367
Daily Supply Charge (c/day) 99.550
Off Peak Controlled Load Rates^  
All usage (c/kWh) 17.061
Electricity Rates - 126 & 126M  
Demand Consumption Charges incl GST
Anytime Usage (c/kWh) 26.961
Supply Charge (c/day) 154.550
Capacity Demand Charge Summer (4pm-9pm)(c/kVA/day) 43.296
Capacity Demand All Year Shoulder (12pm-4pm)(c/kVA/day) 21.505
Notes: Summer rates apply 1 November - 31 March inclusive. All year shoulder rates apply 1 July - 31 June inclusive.
Electricity Rates - 128 & 128M  
General Usage Charges incl GST
For all consumption (c/kWh) 42.427
Daily Supply Charge (c/day) 99.550
OFF PEAK - 9pm to 7 am weekdays and all weekend ACST  
For all consumption (c/kWh) 25.333
Off Peak Controlled Load Rates  
All usage (c/kWh) 17.061

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Solar Feed-In Tariff Options
Rate Plan Price (exc. GST)
Distributor Feed-in Tariff for solar (DFiT) pre 30 Sep 2011 (cents per kW exported) 44.00 
Alinta Energy Retailer Feed-in Tariff applies to all schemes pre and post 30 Sep 2011 (cents per kW exported) 9.5
Distributor Fees and Charges
  Site Visit Fee
(inc GST)
Remote Fee
(inc GST)
Disconnection 11.88 0.00
Reconnection 11.88 0.00
Special Read 11.88 0.00