Braemar Power Station

Braemar is a 502MW power station located 35km south west of Dalby in Southern Queensland. Braemar Power Station is strategically located adjacent to Queensland’s CSG fields, with a dedicated pipeline connection to nearby gas fields.

Alinta Energy also owns approximately 150km of gas pipeline in Queensland between Condamine and Braemar, which is currently being used exclusively for the supply of Alinta’s Braemar Power Station. It is a fast start, peaking power station dispatching into the NEM

Under Part 23 of the National Gas Rules, a service provider for a non-scheme pipeline is required to publish information about the pipeline, including access information, and a user access guide. This is the guide for the Condamine to Braemar Pipeline, published by Braemar Power Project Pty Ltd ABN 113 386 600).
View the user access guide.

Gas Day Harmonisation
In 2017, the COAG Energy Council agreed to a package of gas market reforms put forward by the Gas Market Reform Group (GMRG) which included a recommendation to harmonise the start time of the gas day by 1 October 2019. Alinta has published it’s Transition Plan in respect to the Braemar Gas Pipeline.
Review the transition plan.